Resources to learn programming

Resources to learn Programming and Certifications


A list of resources to learn programming in 2019.

#2 Programming Challenges/Contest
#3 Certifications

#1 MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)

  • Coursera – this is the first MOOC that I know
    • Where I learn about data structure and algorithms
    • Where you can find a lot of famous university offered their course here, Stanford, NTU (National Taiwan University), University of Michigan and more
  • edX
  • Udacity – Offered nanodegree
  • Udemy – Where you can buy or sell course individually
    • Currently, I’m taking the aws solutions architect course from here [June 2019]
  • taiwanmooc – Mooc in Taiwan, All in Chinese
  • OpenCourse by NTU(National Taiwan University)
  • Mooc China – All in Chinese

Coursera, edX or Udemy offered a wide range of courses. While, Udacity offered courses that are mostly related to technology.

Why taking programming class through MOOC is better than conventional university ?

  1. Offered updated technology in the industry.
    • Courses from local colleges or universities often outdated or not practical
  2. Offered both free and paid course, paid for the course only if you want a certificate from the course (Where the cost may vary, but cheaper than local colleges or universities)
  3. Get practical advise/skills from industry expert.
  4. Anyone have the chances to communicate or share your idea with others around the world

#2 Programming Challenges/Contest

#3 Certifications

1. IT Certifications

2. Cloud Certifications